Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Purging Project ~ Miniature Clutter, OH NO!!

" Bottom line is, is you don't need it, it's clutter and it needs to go" ~ Charisse Ward

Yes, it is time to purge my hoard of miniature bits and pieces that I have overly collected.  I have been doing this for some time now and still have quite the stockpile. At some point in my miniature creating career I started doing 'assemblages' of things.  That required me to acquire a s**t bunch of stuff in case I might need it the next time one of these projects called me.  So every odd and cheap little thing went into the pile.  I could use this for that and that for this.  Well, you see.  The table below came out of the stash of stuff.
Witch's Kitchen Spell Table ~ Made from the Hoard ~ 1:12 scale

And the creepy stuff underneath !!

I'm not calling myself a hoarder, but... 
This kind of thing can get out of hand.  Its hard to stop, like chips.  In the end I just have too much and I need to weed it out.  It distracts.  It beckons. It keeps me from the hundred other projects in my head.  Lately I have been pulling it out piece by piece and turning it into something else.  My problem is that when I come across a pile of stuff that I am willing to part with I start fiddling with it until it becomes something else.

Stack of hand made books with mouse !
Stack of books with frog and action figure candle
An inexpensive metal tea set that came out of a lot of miniatures that I won on eBay became this spooky, ghostly tea set magically pouring itself.  I have done many of these in the past in different variations and every witch needs a set like this.  This reminds me of the enchanted muggle things in the Harry Potter books. 

Witchy Tea Set

This commercial and not very pretty chair became this one of a kind piece for a 'haunted' place.  It was awesomely fun to do because I sculpted a ghastly face onto the wood of the chair and then painted the spooky tree on pale gray silk for the upholstery.  And I found out that I LOVE painting on fabric. So another thing on my list...
Spooky Miniature Chair

Not every thing turns into a spooky thing - but mostly - because that seems to be a favorite of mine as well as collectors.  I still have a long way to go.

SO...what does your hoard look like?  Tell me.


  1. My hoard definitely does NOT look like yours! Lillian.

  2. LOL. It does not start out like this. If you saw my hoard you would feel much better about yourself.

  3. I am also a mini hoarder for those "someday" projects....but nothing like yours. Amazing what you have done.

  4. Thank you. I would say, have another look at that stuff. See what comes up...

  5. I love what you are doing with the clutter part of your stash. Now I have a zillion new ideas.

    Sheila in Key West

  6. Thanks! :) This kind of thing is I think, my favorite kind of creating.

  7. j'adore cette ambiance de magie, je suis une fan de Harry Potter !
    Beau travail (théière, livres ...)