Saturday, September 14, 2013

So Now It's 'Autumn Cleaning'

"Aprils have never meant much to me, autumns seem that season of beginning, spring". Truman Capote

I always felt like autumn was the beginning of a new year anyway. 

So the spring cleaning I started in the spring has somehow morphed into autumn cleaning.  Well, nearly autumn.  But when I started writing about my doll house and the spring cleaning of it, I left off with the children's bedroom.  So I continue here with the master bedroom.

While it is the master, children have obviously invaded it.  
I changed the paper in this room and it  has sadly faded.  So I suppose another papering is in order.  This bed is from the same person as the other in the children's bedroom.

The little girl with the doll is by the late Marsha Backstrom. She made wonderful dolls and she is missed.  

Here's a better photo of that bed, the Backstrom doll and a secretary by Beth Berman. The filled sewing stand is made by Susan Harmon.

This desk and chair are made-over Bespaq pieces by Jill Diane.  The roses are by Sandra Wall Rubin.  The stationary box is by Terre Fernandez.  Can't remember now who made the lamp, anyone? The gold compact is by Don Henry and I got it from SP Miniatures
More dolls by Gudrun Kolenda.  Puppy by Kerri Pajutee.  Rug from eBay.

Little girl painting her toes.

This amazing little crocheted doll came in a snake skin suitcase with an entire wardrobe of tiny crocheted clothes.  That's my engagement ring, which I have grown out of.  So it might as well work as a prop. The ensemble is by Helen Davies

The little suitcase with more dolls and a crocheted bear is by Dianne Yunni.  I got that incredible cradle on eBay and the baby is by Sally Brennan, who seems to no longer have a website.

These rosaries are truly 1:12 scale, have all the beads and pile up just like the real thing.  

Here's a better shot of some of the accessories.  The gouache is by Allan Waters after a painting by Mary Cassat.

The doll in chair with her bunny are all made by Jill Diane.

More detail of the Dianne Yunni things, painting by Josephine Meyer

Lamp is by NiGlow, figurine is by Chris Okubo, Book is by Jane Bernier.

Hopefully I will get to the rest of the house before winter.  Where I don't decorate for Christmas anyway.