Sunday, December 29, 2013

Let's Just Say, Before The Year Is Out.

"The creative process is a process of surrender, not control."  Julie Cameron

I give up.  I am never going to be a consistent blogger.  Look how long it has taken me to showcase just one, single doll house.  Nevertheless, here is the continuation of the  process of doing just that.  It has only taken me MONTHS. So, I surrender.

I apologize to anyone who was waiting to see the rest of the house, which by the way, looks like this:

Copied from a real house in Connecticut, built by T. J. Arnick Sr. Built in  1980.

 The house was originally painted white with black roof and shutters.  When I got it (in trade for one of my Noah's Arks) it had been painted shades of green with tinges of nicotine.  And I painted it as above.  Seems like it needs a change again.

I supposed I need a photo of the whole house opened.  The whole front pulls off and the peak that covers the attic pulls down.  The tower roof lifts off and I have not done anything with that room.  There is a train weather vane by Mary Carson in honor of my son who at the time the house came to live with us was mad about trains.  And he wanted it to be a haunted house.  

Anyway, the living room is here. Part of it goes out into the tower as does the bedroom above it.

Grandparents visiting for tea.

Little girl with bear at the tea table.

The grandmother is by Marsha Backstrom as is the little girl with teddy.  The gent is by Susan Wade (whom I have not heard anything of in years.)  The silver tray is by Guglielmo Cini and the decanter set by Frank Whitmore. Lamp by Niglo.  The lustre-ware tea set is by Karen Zorich, one of my very favorite miniature porcelain makers. The dining table and chairs are by Frank Hardcastle.  Grandma holds a cat by Amanda Skinner.

The display cabinet is by Gilbert Mena and it awaits something fabulous to display.  The caladium plant is by Hiroyuki and Kyoko.  Roses by Sandra Wall Rubin. Ruby velvet chair by Barbara Logan.  Bichon Frise by Kerri Pajutee. Tuxedo cat by Liz McInnis.  Floral still life signed by C. Sparrow. Several Bespaq pieces. Rug by Classic Carpets. Tantalus set by Frank Whitmore.  I can't remember who made the green velvet sofa but I know the lady is from the UK. The maker of the white cat is unknown and was a gift from Eileen Godfrey.  I do have a thing for animals and they are everywhere in my miniature settings.

Still have the attic, hallways, kitchen and that tower room. Looks like I can make a career out of blogging this doll house.  if you enjoy it let me know below.