Thursday, April 24, 2014

Once more for the Gipper.

"My evil genius Procrastination has whispered me to tarry 'til a more convenient season."  Mary Todd Lincoln

Well, lets just say I won't be winning any blogger awards since I am so bad at it.  It's spring cleaning time again and my plan was to highlight my only dollhouse and contents once I pulled them out for cleaning LAST YEAR.

I decided to just put up the rest of the house to share with you and get it over with.  Like a band aid - just grab it and rip.

  So lets see, where was I ?

Attic Storage Room
This is the attic and it has a separate closure so I don't even see it much. Still an attic is fun.
The crazy doll trying on her wedding gown is by Lyn Trenary. Alligator suitcases are by the Dolls Cobbler. I got the darling mouse eating a book from Franzy at a show, probably Chicago.
Doll house attic detail of items, doll by Lyn Trenary, suitcases by Doll's Cobbler

The ship captain's trunk came from eBay done by a lady in the UK and the dress form came from the John and Ellen Blauer collection and it is tagged made by Frank Matter - but according to experts its not, although its pretty clever as it moves up and down.  One of these days I'm going to blog about Frank, but I digress...

Second Floor Hallway

  • Artisan miniatures, Kerri Pajutee, Classic Carpets, Hiroyuki & Kyoko, Linda Master Paul Saltareli
    Second Floor Hallway Miniatures Victorian House

 This is the second floor hallway between the 2  BedroomsThe rug is by Classic Carpets, Schnauzer by Kerri Pajutee, chair by Betty Valentine, Plant by Hiroyuko Kimura, Mounted Game by Linda Master, Painting by Paul Saltarelli, Photo Album by Terre Fernandez.

And here is the first floor hallway and the entrance to the house between the kitchen and living room.

First floor Hallway Items
Nicely done stairs, don't you think? Those dolls are by Amanda Skinner. The one in front looks just like my daughter when she was little. Plant by Hiroyuko and Kyoko. Umbrella stand by the late Joan Westphal. Rug by Classic Carpets. I think I'll change out that table... And the fruit plates are by Dominique Levy, as well as the painted plates and artichoke plate. I got those in Chicago once when Dominique came to the US and her prices were so very reasonable which is why I have so many.  Can't remember who did the painting but if you have to know, shout out.
"I think of myself as something of a connoisseur of procrastination, creative and dogged in my approach to not getting things done" Susan Orlean
For years I have debated whether to make the kitchen a kitchen or a dining room. I really don't like to cook, had a fabulous kitchen in my other doll house,   and thought a dining room would be different.  Kitchens are much more interesting.

Here's what I have so far:
A painted Chrysonbon Stove. Could use some aging, I think.

And this gorgeous Irish Dresser made for me by Susan Plevan.  Its full of exceptional artisan stuff collected at shows, eBay, Etsy and websites. The bottom cabinets are for keeping chickens which hopefully will come later but I'll just let them wander around the kitchen. If procrastination doesn't kill me I'll show you the finished kitchen one of these days.

Please make me feel better about myself and leave a comment below. Thanks for your patience. XO