Sunday, May 26, 2013

Miniature Spring Cleaning.

"A bright person can always think of something better to do than housework" - Ruby L. Barnhill

I am certainly one of those smart people. But it's time for spring cleaning again, (already) and this time my attention has turned to spring cleaning my doll house.  Oddly, its the only doll house I own, well, except for the haunted one in the garage.  But that's a another story for another time.  Anyway, I did indeed clean up the house by pulling everything out room by room and rearranging it back again.  A lot less intense than real spring cleaning and a lot more fun.

Since I had everything out I thought I would photograph everything, since I had never done that before and so might as well share it here. I don't keep much of what I make so this house is full of the work of others.  Stuff I love and made fit in the house.  This was, of course, all collected after my disaster .

I started with the children's room.  The house only has 4 rooms and an entrance hall, staircase and a hall on the second floor.  There is also a room in the turret and an attic.

Children's Room in The Doll House

 I got the house finished in a trade for one of my Noah's Arks.  I painted the whole house and replaced some of the wallpaper, but this room is the same as it was when it came to live at my house. It had a few owners before me.

Dolls by Feathers Lace and Clay
 I found the bed at a show in Westchester - boy I miss those shows.  The artist was on her way out of miniatures and was selling everything at great prices.  The trunk was made by Alan Waters, an amazing artist from Australia who also dropped out of miniatures. We became friends and he made a lot of special things for me but are gone now (see disaster). I should really get more photos of that because it is really special.  The little boys are both by Gudren Kolenda of Feathers, Lace and Clay.  She is one of my favorite doll makers.  The rug is by Classic Carpets.  The rocker is a Chrysonbon kit that I bashed.

English Hand Carved Rocking Horse

Artisan Made Children's Toys

The rocking horse is from the UK, purchased from Eileen Godfrey, where I used to get a lot of spectacular treasures and there are more in this house.  I made the stick horse, the only piece of mine in the house.  The pencil box is by Alan Waters. Paint box by Lawrence St Leger.  Would you believe the paint tubes hold real paint and the caps twist off?  The stacking blocks are by Terre Fernandez.  ABC book by Barbara Brear .  Both of these gals are wonders at what they do.  The castle is by Jeanne Abil.  Goat pull toy is by Barbara Logan, again, another wonder who unfortunately dropped out of the field.  The teddy is one who escaped the disaster and is by Emily Farmer, a wonderful bear maker.  The horse pull toy by master wood carver, Linda Master .  The bird in the cage actually flaps its wings and I think it might be another St Leger. Oops. The carved bunny on wheels is made by me... 

"My idea of cleaning is sweeping the room with a glance."  Erma Bombeck

And yes, I dusted and swept and shook out the carpets.

The wash stand is an artisan piece but I don't recall the artist.  The Beatrix Potter pieces are early Karen Markland and are porcelain.  The pitcher and bowl and all the matching pieces are reproduction pieces of those that were made for The Queen's Doll House and they are stunning.  I wish I had more.

This charming little desk is signed R.R.Moos and is just perfect for a kid's room.  Mother Goose book by Terre Fernandez.  Watercolor box by St. Leger. 

These are the art work that hangs on the walls.  The ship is by Linda Master who is an outstanding painter.  The needlepoint was done by my own husband who was fascinated with Sharon Garmize's work and bought a few kits.  That was the only thing that interested him at miniature shows.  Go figure.  The poppies painting was done by June Field. I like having original art in my doll house even though no one really cares if they are prints. 

I think I will do this house one room per blog.  I like the idea of having a record of this here and dear, Blogger, please do NOT disappear.  If anyone recognizes pieces for which I do not have the artist named I would appreciate the information.

Please comment and tell me about your miniature spring cleaning adventures!!