Wednesday, September 3, 2014

An Adventure in the Search for Miniature Treasure

"I ransack public libraries, and find them full of sunk treasure." Virginia Woolf

I have recently been ransacking myself.  Not in a library, but rather at the IGMA Show held annually in August in Teaneck NJ.  And not in a search for books but in my constant quest for the best miniatures.  And lo and behold they there were.

But I am not talking about the show exactly - which is in fact a treasure trove of exceptional miniatures crafted by the very best artisans. I am talking about the silent auction that has been held at the show for years and years. The problem was I always ignored it because I could not allow myself to miss the treasures in the show room.  

It was only at last years show that I meandered around the silent auction table and put down a few bids. The thrill of discovering the riches lying there got my heart fluttering. And winning, well, even more thrilling.  And more fluttering. So back I went this year and here are some my fabulous finds.

Dont be jealous. You could have been there too.

Wonderful Wash Tub, obviously artisan make, maker unknown.

Copper cooking pot with stand for fireplace cooking with copper and brass spoon.

Lovely and delicate turned wooden bowl, beautiful

Hand Carved wooden Utensils

Brass moveable Colonial candle stand

Leather covered canteen. Well done!

Look! the cap comes off.
Backgammon Game.

Comes in a beautiful wooden case.
Gorgeous  multi-leveled  sewing box

Sewing box opened. And partially filled with some sewing supplies.

These are all original artisan pieces can't you tell? Totally amazing and gotten for a song. I am perfectly thrilled with myself. The worst part is I missed so many opportunities in the past. I'll just have to console myself with my treasures here and now.  One other thing, the only signed piece here was the cooper cooking pot, signed with an S. So I have no idea who might have made any of this. Such a shame because the makers are lost to history now. (Sign your work!!)

How about you? Find anything awesome unexpectedly? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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